Lenovo Tablet 2 1050L boot failure after attempted root

I hope someone can help me. I have a LTE enabled Lenovo Tablet 2 1050L which I attempted to root using the instructions given here ……let-2-t3251571 … but I have managed to brick my device. I successfully installed SuperSU but then read that Magisk was better and tried the same procedure with that but it didn’t work. Now when the tablet starts up, I get a message which says … “EFILINUX ERROR [android_image_start_buffer:737] boot image digital signature verification failed : 0000001A” which appears over the initial Lenovo splash screen. I then get to the Android system recovery menu but I can’t get the table any further than this. I have tried wiping data / factory resetting but this does not work.

I can boot the tablet into recovery mode using CWM or TWRP but I have no idea what to do now. I guess I shouldn’t have messed. I hope someone can help.

Kind regards

Android Enthusiasts Asked by MrMills on November 11, 2021

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One Answer

Install latest ADB drivers

install intel android drivers on pc Intel_Android_Driver_1.10.0

download restore-kitkat-bios-830-1050-v2.exe

power off tab, start tab by pressing vol+,vol-,power buttons simulteneously and after a short vibrate, leave power button. Tab should now be in boot mode

start restore-kitkat-bios-830-1050-v2.exe and finish process as per instructions in the app

download android version kitkat 4.4 Lenovo_Yoga_Tablet_2_1050L_USR_S000215_1503241130_WW21_ROW

install via intel platform flash lite tool


Answered by Chirag Parikh on November 11, 2021

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