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Is it possible to use AI to reverse engineer software?

I was thinking of something of the sort:Build a program (call this one fake user) that generates lots and lots and lots of data based on the usage of another...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by IpsumPanEst

2 answer

Why do CNN's sometimes make highly confident mistakes, and how can one combat this problem?

I trained a simple CNN on the MNIST database of handwritten digits to 99% accuracy. I'm feeding in a bunch of handwritten digits, and non-digits from a document. I want...

Asked on 11/29/2021

6 answer

Can you explain me this CNN architecture?

I am starting to get my head around convolutional neural networks, and I have been working with the CIFAR-10 dataset and some research papers that used it. In one of...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by SanMu

1 answer

In Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient, are all weights of the policy network updated with the same or different value?

I'm trying to understand the DDPG algorithm shown at this page. I don't know what should the result of the gradient at step 14 be. ...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by unter_983

1 answer

Can GANs be used to generate something other than images?

AFAIK, GANs are used for generating/synthesizing near-perfect human faces (deepfakes), gallery arts, etc., but can GANs be used to generate something other than images?...

Asked on 11/24/2021

1 answer

What should the output of a neural network that needs to classify in an unsupervised fashion XOR data be?

XOR data, without labels:[[0,0],[0,1],[1,0],[1,1]]I'm using this network for auto-classifying XOR data:H1 <-- Dense(units=2, activation=relu) #any activation hereZ <-- Dense(units=2, activation=softmax) #softmax for...

Asked on 11/20/2021

1 answer

Choosing a policy improvement algorithm for a continuing problem with continuous action and state-space

I'm trying to decide which policy improvement algorithm to use in the context of my problem. But let me emerge you into the problem Problem I want to move a...

Asked on 11/20/2021

1 answer

Why is the policy loss the mean of $-Q(s, mu(s))$ in the DDPG algorithm?

I am trying to implement the DDPG algorithm based on this paper. The part that confuses me is the actor network's update.I don't understand why the...

Asked on 11/17/2021 by Dhanush Giriyan

1 answer

Are tabular reinforcement learning methods obsolete (or getting obsolete)?

While learning RL, I came across some problems where the Q-matrix that I need to make is very very large. I am not sure if it is ever practical. Then...

Asked on 11/12/2021

1 answer

How do I test an LSTM-based reinforcement learning model using any Atari games in OpenAI gym?

I am writing a couple of different reinforcement learning models based on Rainbow DQN or some PG models. All of them internally use an LSTM network because my project is...

Asked on 11/10/2021

1 answer

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