Link to all ~ files automatically shown on Desktop, but I want to show only the Dock

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Now a symbolic link to every file in the home directory appears along with the Dock in the initial screen. I would prefer only the Dock and otherwise a clean desktop.

Using the tweak tool and the ‘Installed Extensions‘ portion of the gnome-shell-extensions page I have turned off allow desktop icons setting but it always resets to on.

Ask Ubuntu Asked by JimFuqua on November 14, 2021

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Use the pre-installed 'Extensions' application in Ubuntu 20.04 to turn off the 'Desktop Icons' extension. That would get rid of the icons from your desktop.

You can also launch the application from Terminal by running the gnome-extensions-app command.

Answered by pomsky on November 14, 2021

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