Where are cameras mounted?

I have a canon PowerShot A3100 IS camera, and, as written in the title, I want to know where does the automount mount it when I connect it.

Does anyone know?

Ask Ubuntu Asked on November 11, 2021

8 Answers

8 Answers

If it's mounted somewhere, you can go to the terminal and execute mount without parameters to see a list of mounted devices and their locations.


Answered by Norfindel on November 11, 2021

On Ubuntu 19.04, Nautilus (Ubuntu's file manager) mounts cameras at


Where $UID is your User Identifier (it's probably 1000).

The last folder in the file path is probably different for your camera. You can find the string by doing

gio mount --list --detail

And looking for a line like


For me, the camera would not get mounted unless I opened Nautilus and clicked on the camera. To mount it manually from the command line I did

gio mount gphoto2://Name_of_Company_Model_Name_SomeNumbers

And to unmount it I did

gio mount -u gphoto2://Name_of_Company_Model_Name_SomeNumbers

Answered by Boris on November 11, 2021

Mount it using gphotofs

Install gphotofs package:

sudo apt-get install gphotofs

Then create a directory wherever you prefer (i'm using /home/<user>/camera)

mkdir /home/<user>/camera

And use the following to mount it

sudo gphotofs /home/<user>/camera


  • replace <user> with your username

Answered by Jossef Harush on November 11, 2021

You can open the gphoto2:// address directly in your file manager. Nautilus handles it and gives you a device. Other browsers such as thunar you may have to enter the address manually.

~/.gvfs is the default mountpoint produced by the gvfs-fuse-daemon (package gvfs-fuse). This is a but temperamental so even if you have the package installed it may fail at startup. Check the permissions on .gvfs.

Depending on your environment (varies between versions), you may have an XDG_RUNTIME_DIR set and then .gvfs will be mounted there instead of your home dir. Typically this will be something like /run/user/...

Answered by Ian Nartowicz on November 11, 2021

With Ubuntu 12.10 I didn't have any luck with ~/.gvfs... However, I'm able to access my camera on the command line using


Answered by lucio.codeghini on November 11, 2021

Assuming your camera connects over PTP, GPhoto will be responsible for the data transfers. I guess the ~/.gvfs directory will contain a virtual folder pointing to your camera.

Answered by user77111 on November 11, 2021

While this is true [about gphoto2 mounting cameras], there is a setting on some cameras that allow you to connect them actually as a USB mass storage device (see screenshot), then you do not have to rely on gphoto2 and can treat your camera (or the card within it) as a normal usb flash disk. The setting to change how your camera connects to the PC is not present in all camera menus, but is usually in DSLRs. It often makes transferring your pictures and videos easier to have this setting on USB mass storage- at least it works for meNikon D70 mass storage

Answered by user76204 on November 11, 2021

If I understand your question correctly, it gets mounted at gphoto2://[usb:001.006]/

enter image description here

Not all cameras are mountable. The gphoto2 command should allow you to download pictures from supported cameras.

If your camera is like that, you can avoid this problem by using a USB card reader. The USB card reader makes any card mountable, just like a hard drive.

Answered by Mitch on November 11, 2021

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