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How can I crop a fits file and get correct WCS header info without a new plate solve and WITHOUT USING PYTHON?

While my question is similar to this one, the suggestions offered there won't work for my specific situation. For over a month I've been trying to find software...

Asked on 12/04/2021 by AstroShannon

1 answer

Why are Mars northern/southern hemisphere altitudes so different?

I'm looking at the Mars topography map:original link ...and I can't shake the impression that someone just messed up...

Asked on 11/27/2021

2 answer

Two luminous points disappearing in the sky

I saw a few days ago two luminous points in the sky, which were quite close (about 1-2 degree of separation between them) and not apparently moving (or to slow...

Asked on 11/27/2021 by Lexi Jones

2 answer

What observatories provide data similar to USNO?

USNO (the United States Naval Observatory) generates positions for the celestial bodies (planets, moons,stars) and provides them in the form of .bsp files and their Astronomical Almanac. Is there any...

Asked on 11/27/2021 by sigrlami

0 answer

Basic explanation of baryon acoustic oscillations; what if anything is actually oscillating?

Sci-News' Sloan Digital Sky Survey Collaboration Releases New 3D Map of Universe links to the two videosThe eBOSS 3D map of the Universe...

Asked on 11/27/2021

2 answer

How many satellites orbit their planet faster than the planet rotates?

Phobos is so close to Mars that it orbits Mars much faster than Mars rotates. This means that it rises in the west and sets in the east, even though...

Asked on 11/22/2021

2 answer

How can the Earth and the Moon be in synchronous rotation if the Moon won't be in geostationary orbit?

It is said that the Moon moves away from Earth and that during the Sun's red giant or white dwarf phase the Moon will be about 40% farther than now...

Asked on 11/22/2021

2 answer

What is the accepted theory as to why Uranus' axis is tilted so severely?

The planet Uranus is another solar system anomaly, where according to the NASA profile has an axial tilt of 97.8 degrees, also considered to be retrograde. This...

Asked on 11/20/2021

3 answer

Is it possible to find what crater the Mars meteorites come from?

A few dozen meteorites have been determined to come from Mars. These meteorites likely formed from three separate events. Each one of these events must have created a big enough...

Asked on 11/20/2021

1 answer

Gravitational wave detection time difference between LIGO Livingston and LIGO Hanford

Quote from LIGO's news release:By looking at the time of arrival of the signals—the detector inLivingston recorded the event 7 milliseconds before the detector inHanford—scientists...

Asked on 11/19/2021 by gollum

5 answer

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