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Can I import an image file so it can be used in grease pencil?

Can I import an image file so it can be used in grease pencil instead of drawing? I would have problems with hand drawn image in Blender due to a...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by bazzart

2 answer

Reselect faces that was already selected?

How can I reselect faces that is already selected? I need to get selected faces, do something else, and then reselect those faces again. I tried this ,but it doesn't...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by AFWS

2 answer

Can't Unlock from Constraint Z Axis

I am a very big noob at Blender. I make GFX for a game called Roblox, and I am currently working on a project to help a friend learn Blender....

Asked on 12/06/2021 by Synch Games

1 answer

Rendering image causes zoom in and texture turns the scene black

I'm trying to apply texture to an object but when I render the image it does this: When I switch to...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by madvbregt

1 answer

How to set object at a specific depth from the camera, at a certain pixel

I want to set an object at a certain distance (or depth) relative to the camera; and also at a particular pixel. Example: I set up a camera at a...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by Math_Max

2 answer

How to select one (or multi) particular particle hair?

As you can see,I am in particle edit point mode. If I use select box tool on the left,I can left click drag...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by Michael White

1 answer

Blender 2.83.2 - Only half of the icing's sprinkles are added to the icing

While following a tutorial by BlenderGuru, I ran into an issue where only half of the sprinkles were selected (as shown below). ...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by User-92

1 answer

Older Version of Blender for ARM processors?

I have been going at this for some time now, I cant seem to compile blender from source due to some deprecated directives in cmake and jpeg_library, although there...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by crankbolt

1 answer

AN - How to get a specific pixel of a texture?

Is it possible to get a specific pixel of a texture using animation nodes and extra nodes add-on?...

Asked on 12/05/2021 by BlenderUser123

0 answer

How do I make a walking and running sound?

I have the sounds, and I have done so when I hold w it starts the walking sound and when released stops.But when I have done wshiftcollision the run...

Asked on 12/04/2021 by ZCGamer

1 answer

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