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Have you ever seen this color of Teddy Bear?

I found a Teddy Bear in transparent red color, have anyone ever seen this before? I'm just not sure where can I buy this guy. ...

Asked on 11/21/2021

2 answer

EV3 Folder not appearing on Windows

I am attempting to load a UF2 file into an EV3 robot, however when I plug everything in, nothing appears. Windows recognises that a device has been plugged in, and...

Asked on 11/15/2021 by jeremy_lord

1 answer

Please help identify this LEGO set

Got it from bulk, please help identify the set....

Asked on 11/11/2021

1 answer

Why does BrickLink append a -1 to so many set numbers?

I've been perusing BrickLink for a while, and I noticed that essentially all sets are listed with a "-1" after the LEGO set number. For example, Set 41164,...

Asked on 10/23/2021

3 answer

What was the shortest-lived color?

I've been reading about the history of the LEGO palette, most notably the transitions in gray and pink that have happened over the years where older shades were...

Asked on 10/23/2021

3 answer

Do any concave slopes or curves exist? Any brand

Do you know if anyone has ever made any concave slope pieces? Looking for multiple lengths (2/3/4/5/6 stud lengths). Basically the opposite of this style: ...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by Bruce West

3 answer

How to dump the micropython filesystem from the SPIKE Prime (and Mindstorms v4)?

I'm interested in tinkering with the micropython filesystem and/or firmware in the SPIKE Prime hub and was wondering:How to dump the micropython filesystem from the SPIKE Prime hub?Is there an...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by gpdaniels

1 answer

Technique for holding a horizontal minifig in place (swimmer)

I'm building a scene on an 8x8 base plate, ideally the depth of the base is 1 full brick high. The design is to have a swimmer minifig horizontal (i.e....

Asked on 10/23/2021 by Watters

2 answer

Please help identify the LEGO Set from attached pics

Got this, may not be completed. Please help identify the Set#....

Asked on 10/23/2021

1 answer

Which parts do not have the LEGO logo stamped on them?

As noted in this question,there are very few parts that do not have the LEGO logo included during manufacture.But which...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by chicks

6 answer

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