Automating a set a of weekly reports, including graphs and delivery of reports

I have been writing code to automate some weekly reports. I had help over on Stack Overflow. I have code that works for the most part, however there are a few things that I just can’t seem to fix.

In short, I loop through the data and create a dictionary of dataframes based on ‘location’ key unique values. I can use the dictionary to make summary reports for each location. I wanted to make another dictionary from this based on ‘sublocation.’ Instead with some advice, I make a list of each sublocation, access each item in the df-dict, loop to find corresponding sublocations and make plots.

My problems are as follows:

  1. Code is slow
  2. Graphs are not formatted properly (overlapping even with tight_layout)
  3. For the reports in sublocation, I am having a hard time saving to the right folder. I think this has to do with the way I want to format the string in the savefig text. For each sublocation I want reference the name using value[‘location’], I think this is always updated every loop so it doesn’t work.
  4. I have the error exception because when looking to match subloc to loc. not every subloc will appear in the dict value dataframe
f = 'path'
d = pd.DataFrame()
d= pd.read_csv(f)
dfs = dict(tuple(d.groupby('location')))
for key, value in dfs.items():
        fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, 3);
        sns.countplot(y='ethnic', data=value, orient='h', palette ='colorblind', ax=axs[0,0]);
        sns.countplot(y='Ratio', data=value,orient='v', palette ='colorblind',ax=axs[1,0]);
        sns.countplot(y='site', data = value, ax=axs[0,1]);
        sns.countplot(y='STATUS', data = value, ax = axs[1,1])
        sns.countplot(y='Assessment', data = value, ax = axs[0,2])
        #pth = os.path.join(tmppath, '{0}'.format(key))
        for p in axs.patches:
            ax.text(p.get_x() + p.get_width()/2., p.get_width(), '%d' % int(p.get_width()), 
            fontsize=12, color='red', ha='center', va='bottom')
        plt.tight_layout(pad=2.0, w_pad=1.0, h_pad=2.0);
        plt.savefig("basepath/testing123/{0}/{1}.pdf".format(key,key), bbox_inches = 'tight'); 
        plt.savefig("basepath/{0}/{1}.pdf".format(key,key), bbox_inches = 'tight');
        #plt.savefig("{0}.pdf".format(key), bbox_inches = 'tight'); 

#####Now for sublocations

dfss = dict(tuple(d.groupby('site')))


for key, value in dfss.items():
    a =(repr(value['school_dbn'][:1]))

        fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, 3);
        #tmppath = 'basepath/{0}'.format(key);
        sns.countplot(y='ethnic', data=value, orient='h', palette ='colorblind', ax=axs[0,0]);
        sns.countplot(y='Program]', data=value,orient='v', palette ='colorblind',ax=axs[1,0]);
        sns.countplot(y='AltAssessment', data = value, ax = axs[0,2])
        pth = os.path.join(tmppath, '{0}'.format(key))
        plt.tight_layout(pad=2.0, w_pad=1.0, h_pad=2.0);
        plt.savefig("basepath/{0}/{1}_{2}.pdf".format(value['location'][-6:],value['location'][-6:],key), bbox_inches = 'tight'); 
        plt.savefig("basepath/testing123/{0}/{1}_{2}.pdf".format(value['location'][-6:],value['location'][-6:],key), bbox_inches = 'tight');
        #plt.savefig("{0}.pdf".format(key), bbox_inches = 'tight'); 

The reason why I want to save like this is because each location has a folder with same name. Sublocation belongs to only one location, therefore I want to save as ‘location_sublocation.pdf’.

Code Review Asked by Moo10000 on November 11, 2021

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I got this done by making a second dictionary, which takes locations as keys and values as list of sublocations

dfs = dict(tuple(data.groupby('location')))
dfss = dict(tuple(data.groupby('sublocation')))

dd = {}

for key, value in dfs.items(): #dictionary is made of groupby object, key is 
                               #location, value is datafram
    a = []
    for i in value['sublocation']:
        if i in a:
    dee = {key:a}
for key, value in dfss.items(): 
        for k, v in dd.items():
            if key in v:

Then in the next cell,

for key, value in dfss.items(): 
        for k, v in dd.items():
            if key in v:
        #tmp = value[value['sublocation']==i]
        sns.set(style='white', palette=sns.palplot(sns.color_palette(ui)), font='sans-serif')

I think I can make the overall script run even faster by employing more regex expressions for filtering the dataframe in various steps.

This set-up works because I can save the files according to the key's from the two dictionaries. It allows me to save the nearly 375 files automatically. I use another script to move the files to their respective folders.

plt.savefig("path/{0}/{1} @ {2}.pdf".format(dur,dur,key), bbox_inches = 'tight')

Having a slightly different case, take three data sets and make mini data sets based on some column such as location

oct_dict = dict(tuple(oct.groupby('location')))
oct2_dict = dict(tuple(oct2.groupby('location'))) 
for k, v in oct_dict.items():
        #v2 = stu_dict[k]      #sometimes using this try/else method works better
        #v2 = pd.DataFrame()
        #v3 = oct2_dict[k]
        #v3 = pd.DataFrame()
    for k2, v2 in stu_dict.items(): #replace with v2 = stu_dict[k] if you know for sure it exits
        for k3, v3 in oct2_dict.items(): #replace with v3 = oct2_dict[k] if you know for sure it exits
            if k == k2 and k == k3: #can delete this if not needed
                with PdfPages(r'path{}.pdf'.format(k)) as pdf:

Answered by Moo10000 on November 11, 2021

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