What are the contours lines on the Cook's list vs Leverage h_ii / (1-h_ii) plot?

According to the documentation, plot #6 of plot.lm in R:
"In the Cook’s distance vs leverage/(1-leverage) plot, contours of standardized residuals that are equal in magnitude are lines through the origin. The contour lines are labeled with the magnitudes."

What exactly are these dotted lines?
enter image description here


Cross Validated Asked by user291965 on November 14, 2021

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Cook's distance is large if either the observation has a large residual or if it exerts a high leverage on the model. As you can see from the plot something in the top left hand corner has a high residual (2.5) but not necessarily a large leverage. In the bottom right hand corner the converse is true.

Answered by mdewey on November 14, 2021

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