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Error while signing a transaction using nodejs wallet API?

I am building an eosdapp using nodejs code.I got the wallet api from the developers portal,but when i run the code i get the following error.{"code":500,"message":"Internal Service Error","error":{"code":7,"name":"bad_cast_exception","what":"Bad Cast","details":[]}}The...

Asked on 11/24/2021 by sachin murali

1 answer

Ico smart contract update

I would like to update this code, because it is CDT 1.2.I would like to update for CDT 1.5 or CDT 1.6.What do I need to change?#include...

Asked on 11/22/2021 by Efraim

2 answer

CORs Error for /v1/chain/push_transactions To Production Block Producer (Not localhost)

All of my other POST calls to a production EOS BP are succeeding no problem. However, when I use push_transactions via ScatterJS I get a 500 CORs error.const networkJson...

Asked on 11/10/2021 by rsmets

1 answer

Error 3080004: Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction

I have an account with very little staked CPU/NET but I need to do some transfers of another token and I currently can't do anything:$ cleos -u get...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by eosneedhelp

1 answer

How can you use the ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER feature for updateauth?

When I try to put 2 authorities to updateauth I get this errorError: updateauth action should only have one declared authorizationso how can I use another accounts CPU...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by josh arnet

2 answer

Is there way to retrieve auto incremented primary key after submission of transaction?

I'm working on sample dApp application to understand the working of multi_index table in EOS smart contract.I have defined two multi_index table. The primary key of table1 is auto...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by Shashi

1 answer

How does one print an iso timestamp in a smart contract

I'm trying to print an ISO timestamp with second accuracy. #include <chrono>#include <ctime> time_t current_time = current_time_point().sec_since_epoch() * 1000;char* charTime = std::put_time( std::localtime(&current_time), "%FT%T%z" );print(charTime);I've tried...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by chris de jong

1 answer

can't generate abi when using map

I am trying to use this :struct [[eosio::table]] tokens { name token; ...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by Vishal Singh

1 answer

How to match object value from fc::variant which is std::pair type in contract unit test via Boost test?

This is example of object singletone table which i trying to test:{ "rows": [{ "account":...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by Artem Maluga

1 answer

Action setprods on EOSIO v2.0 private chain

I'm standing up a new private testnet and would like to set the producers via the "setprods" action in the eosio.bios contract. I don't need a full system contract for...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by Scott Owen

2 answer

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