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Do dialectical variations exist in Esperanto?

In many languages different communities speak in a different way. However about languages like Russian one likes to assert that all people speak the same way. How does this work...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by LaPingvino

8 answer

"Trink-" versus "drink-"

I am mildly confused about this pair of roots. I learned about trink- first in words like trinki, trinkaĵo, trinkigi etc. Later I found drinkejo used for a pub, so...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by La Vo-o

2 answer

Esperanto en as English in

In English, the word in is used fairly commonly, as opposed to my native language. You can say sentences like The book is written in Esperanto. where in refers to...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by kry

1 answer

"to break hard" in Esperanto

The English expression, "to break hard", as in, "with a car rental, I use the breaks harder than with my own car". What would be this expression in Esperanto? Google...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

"Too big for X to eat"

I once translated the sentenceIs a duck too big for a monad to eat?toĈu anaso estas tro granda por monado manĝi?According to an expert friend, it seems that this is...

Asked on 08/24/2021

3 answer

Kiel oni parolas "Teal" en esperanto?

I cannot find the translation. I've looked on and Thank you!...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by DjDeets

2 answer

How to translate "sapient" (as a level of sentience)?

"sapient" has at least 3 distinct meanings in English:wise, sagebeing member of the species homo sapiens, i.e., being humanbeing member of a species (or other category),whose members are generally...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

Translate "Need help?"

I’m looking for a translation of "Need help?". I thought about "Bezonas helpon?", but I’m not sure if it can be written this way. Does the sentence need "Ĉu" or...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

Chaining "clarifying" clauses

(note that I don't actually know what these clauses are called, and will change the title if necessary) Let's start simple, without any chaining.Kion volas mi?What do I want? How...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

Are the terms for upload and download awkward in Esperanto?

I'm not sure how to formulate this to a question along the Stack Exchange guidelines… The English words for sending and receiving data to resp. from a server are upload...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Juha Metsäkallas

2 answer
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