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Screen / monitor splitter / dual monitor on a laptop with only Type-c

I have an HP-envy that is very minimalist ports-wise.Basically it has two USB3 and a type-c ( and an SD-card slot ) - but the question is more general...

Asked on 11/18/2021 by Obmerk Kronen

1 answer

RGB bias lighting with HDMI passthru for ultrawide monitor

I'm looking into bias lighting for behind my monitor. I would prefer a device that has HDMI passthru since I plug in a few different devices (laptop, Nintendo Switch, etc.)....

Asked on 08/27/2021 by tycrek

1 answer

Small projector for affixing to a robot

I'm heading a research project in my robotics lab, and I'm looking for a small projector to affix to the top support structure of a LoCoBot. My...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Elias

1 answer

USB Camera for filming insects

I want to do a little study where I need to analyze the behaviour of insects like flies, bees and mosquitos. For this, I want to attach at least one...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by hey0

1 answer

Deep-learning device that supports Windows 7

I'm experimenting with neural networks, and I'd like to buy one of these devices like the Intel's Neural Compute Stick 2 or Google's Coral...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Ram Rachum

0 answer

Cheapest (jun 2020) discrete GPU with working powersaving on GNU / Linux multihead

With working I mean GNU/Linux temperatures should not exceed Windows' ones by 10 C° with low performance profile. Preferably powersaving support over multi monitor configurations should be...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Scrooge McDuck

0 answer

USB Switch for sensitive peripherals?

So I'm looking to share my camera/microphone between a PC and a Mac. In particular, I'm using Logitech C922 and an XLR microphone connected to Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd gen,...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Predrag Beocanin

0 answer

GPS device that save location on SD card without the need of SIM card

I'm looking for a device that can record GPS coordinate and save them to SD card, without the need for SIM card. I need this so I can tag my...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by jcubic

1 answer

Connect one USB headset to two devices, playing both sounds simultaneously

I would like to connect one USB Headset to two separate computers, hearing the audio of both at the same time. USB Switches exist, however they only allow one computer...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Brotcrunsher

1 answer

Alternative for Asus EEE PC that supports GNU/Linux out of the box?

Until about 10 years ago, Asus used to build a series of cheap, lightweight laptop called EEE PC, which later got discontinued. I am looking for something similar in terms...

Asked on 08/27/2021

1 answer

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