Looking for a match to these cabinet doors

Close up and full size

I got these used from a homeowner who had no information about them.

They have no manufacturer labels hidden in any of the usual places. Do they look familiar to you? I’d like to get more doors to mount on additional boxes I have.

Home Improvement Asked on November 14, 2021

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That is one cabinet maker's take on a mitered design. Mitered is a style (much like Raised Panel and Shaker are styles) but there would be hundreds... no, thousands of different variations within that style.

Cabinet makers attach many different names to their designs (sometimes the names don't even reference the basic style used). Your best bet to match would be to visit cabinet builders and suppliers in the area surrounding where these were found. Another option would be to take a door to a custom cabinetry shop near you. These shops can be found everywhere, you just don't know they're there until you start looking.

Answered by Jimmy Fix-it on November 14, 2021

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