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Device authentication, common method

What are some standard device authentication methods, in a scenario when:The desktop computer is being authenticated on web serviceI provide the .exe on the desktopI control the web serviceThe desktop...

Asked on 11/28/2021

1 answer

Should I contact the manufacturer if their product allows access to other users' location information?

I recently purchased a satellite communicator that allows me to send a map of my location to friends and family while I'm hiking in the wilderness. While testing out my...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Lil' Bits

10 answer

What are the roles of the "PACKAGER" in a digital rights management system?

I am studying about the basics of DRM systems. I recently discovered that the term packager is the application that encrypts the original content from the creator. Is there any...

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

How does Google track users in Incognito mode?

There is a lawsuit claiming Google tracks users in private browsing mode. How exactly is Google achieving this?...

Asked on 11/25/2021

2 answer

Polymorphic Analysis

I'm a beginner at malware analysis. For my research studies, I have to identify polymorphic malware based from experiments. I would like to know if there are any guides showing...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by user109889

1 answer

How exactly can an infected Samsung TV record private conversations in a room?

We can read on Wikipedia page (about Weeping Angel) that Samsung smart televisions can be hacked by hackers which allows them to record conversations in the room...

Asked on 11/23/2021

2 answer

Getting the hostname of devices in the local lan

I'm trying to get the hostnames of devices on my LAN. This network is not a Windows network. Up until now I was able to sniff DHCP requests and extract...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by Gilad Naaman

0 answer

What are the security risks of allowing users to add iframes?

In my web app I'm using a good sanitizer which let's me to whitelist some specific html tags.I'd like to allow <iframe> so that users can...

Asked on 11/21/2021

1 answer

FIDO2 - Where do Android and IOS platform authenticators store private key credentials?

I'm new to FIDO2 specification. I'm aware that Android and IOS devices support FIDO2 protocols (even Android phones could act as a physical key for FIDO2 authentication). However, Could anyone...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by Danh Thanh Nguyen

0 answer

Nginx module security

Im considering using this nginx module to get the Information from which Country the IP is.My question is since im compiling the module by myself,...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by member2

1 answer

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