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How to cure "stickiness" on walkie-talkie rubber components

I have just retrieved my walkie-talkies from the big storage box where they lived for the last couple of years. The rubber/rubberized components (grip coating, dials, etc.) have gone very...

Asked on 11/13/2021 by Cpt Reynolds

18 answer

Toilet paper is stuck in the dispenser, any way to reach it?

Few months ago, a toilet paper dispenser was installed at my work place. It looks nice, and usually functioning well, here is how it looks like normally: ...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2

2 answer

How to cool the top floor of a 3 storey house?

I live in a house with 3 storeys. There are two bedrooms (including my bedroom) on the top storey i.e. 2nd floor, and 2 on the bottom storey i.e. ground...

Asked on 09/01/2021

3 answer

I like my computer keyboard but the letters have nearly worn off

My computer keyboard look scruffy and old but works perfectly and is more comfortable to use than others I have owned. It's wireless and part of a set (keyboard, mouse...

Asked on 09/01/2021

7 answer

How to unscrew this screw

I want to take out my dish washer, but there is a screw that I don't know how to unscrew. I can't get the screwdriver straight on the screw head,...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by an0

6 answer

How to prevent stray dogs from climbing on top of my car?

Background: I park my car on the side of the road right opposite my house (so do all my neighbors). Problem: A stray dog climbs on my car (I can...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by RedAx

2 answer

Can't see my laptop keyboard at night

After my friends go to sleep they turn off the light at night. So I can't see my keyboard of my old laptop that has no LED under those key....

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Shafin Iqbal

5 answer

Fastest way to open a shaken bottle of soda without spillage

We've all been there, we've all done it - Taken out the delicious soda bottle from the fridge, thrown it on the couch, sat next to it only then to...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by infinitezero

2 answer

How can I store big Chemical Splash and Impact Goggles?

My grandparents bought 3M's Splash Goggles to try to prevent SARS-CoV-2 entering their eyes, for they can't find any store that sells full face...

Asked on 09/01/2021

3 answer

Fold hack for tons of washed clothes

We recently moved with a relative family and there are a lot of clothes that get washed. My wife is type 1 and with all kids and baby she is...

Asked on 09/01/2021

6 answer

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