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Info about "Wisdom is One" by Benjamin Williams Huntsman?

Ran across a title. Out of curiosity, tried trolling the internet for more info. No joy. Does anyone know anything about a book titled "Wisdom is One"...

Asked on 11/22/2021

1 answer

Sentient manta rays living in Jupiter?

I am trying to remember a science fiction story I read that involved a civilization of sentient manta rays living in Jupiter. The book starts with the main character, a...

Asked on 11/17/2021

2 answer

In the middle part of The Fellowship of the Ring, how did Strider find and interpret that rock message supposedly from Gandalf?

Maybe this is explained later, and if so, please don't mention the resolution. However, if it's never mentioned again, I'd like to hear some reasoning. Basically, Strider leads the hobbits...

Asked on 11/15/2021 by Hurst

1 answer

Why is London 'the town which Brutus sought by dreams'?

In his short poem which begins 'Tagus, farewell', the English poet Sir Thomas Wyatt wrote of his longing to return to an unnamed city. For anyone familiar with...

Asked on 11/12/2021

1 answer

How could Thorin and co. journey all the way to Erebor without discussing how to deal with Smaug?

Thorin and co. with the hobbit take such an immense journey to Erebor as known to everyone who has read the book. But isn't it absurd that 14 men do...

Asked on 11/10/2021

6 answer

What is "the poem" that the spider refers to in Philip Dick's short story "Expendable"?

In the short story "Expendable" by Philip K. Dick, the protagonist is a man who can communicate with spiders. At one point, after fighting off a home invasion by an...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by user5387

2 answer

What does Dostoyevsky mean by 'propaganda' in Crime and Punishment?

I am wondering about what Dostoyevsky means by the word 'propaganda' in part six, chapter four of Crime and Punishment. None of the meanings that I understand make sense in...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Jacob Lee-Hart

1 answer

What did Elrond mean by telling the council "it is so ordered ..."?

This phrase has been taken from The Fellowship of the Ring, book II, chapter II, page 271:Yet it is not so. Believe rather that it is so ordered that we,...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by S E

2 answer

Who are the people Isaac Watts is talking about in "Improvement of the Mind"?

I am currently reading Improvement of the Mind (1741) by Isaac Watts, and at various instances in the book he mentions people whom I have a hard time tracking down....

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Philipp Ludwig

2 answer

Why does the murderer call Macduff's son "egg"?

When Macduff's son defends his father's honor when the murderers sent by Macbeth call Macduff a traitor in Macbeth, they wind up stabbing the son:Enter Murderers.FIRST MURDERER: Where is...

Asked on 08/23/2021

2 answer

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