file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error - Login Error

After submitting the email and password getting the below error. Kindly help me with this. As per the error login below is the error

 Warning: file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:
error:14095126:SSL routines:ssl3_read_n:unexpected eof while reading in /home/decure/public_html/vendor/google/recaptcha/src/ReCaptcha/RequestMethod/Post.php on line 72

Magento Asked by 55840 on February 16, 2021

4 Answers

4 Answers

From inside WHM you can now upgrade openssl to version 1.1.1f manually.

In terminal, $yum upgrade ea-openssl11

Once completed, $yum info ea-openssl11 to ensure you have installed Release 1.1.1f

You will then need to restart PHP-FPM Service in WHM

Answered by John G on February 16, 2021

On a cPanel/WHM powered servers do:

$yum info ea-openssl11

If you see Version : 1.1.1e do the

$yum downgrade ea-openssl11

to get Version : 1.1.1d back.

You may need to restart PHP-FPM service.


Answered by Sergey on February 16, 2021

Its an openssl problem caused by upgrading to openssl 1.1.1e ( or on cpanel servers to ea-openssl11-1.1.1e ).

Either need to upgrade to openssl 1.1.1f , or downgrade to previous version ( 1.1.1d ) until other fixes are available

Links :

Answered by Sandor Marton on February 16, 2021

Please enabled php extension fopen(). And restart the server once. After that it will be work.

Happy Coding. :)

Answered by Mayur Sisodiya on February 16, 2021

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