How to add custom dropdown button to Admin Sales Order View in Magento 2

I’ve followed this link to add custom button in Admin Sales Order View in Magento 2, and it works great. Now I want to replace this button with 3 dropdown options button. Something like changing store scope in Admin Panel. I want this 3 buttons to run same controller method with different parameters.
How can i achieve this?
Thanks in advance.

Magento Asked by SebastianT on October 2, 2021

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This code works for me , try to look splitButton

class ViewPlugin

    public function beforeSetLayout(
        MagentoView $view,
        LayoutInterface $layout
    ) {
        $addButtonProps = [
            'id' => 'test',
            'label' => __('Test'),
            'class' => 'add',
            'button_class' => '',
            'class_name' => 'MagentoBackendBlockWidgetButtonSplitButton',
            'options' => $this->getCustomActionListOptions(),

    protected function getCustomActionListOptions()
        /*list of button which you want to add*/
            'action_1'=>['label'=>__('Action 1'),'onclick'=>'setLocation("ACTION 1")'],
            'action_2'=>['label'=>__('Action 2'),'onclick'=>'setLocation("ACTION 2")'],
            'action_3'=>['label'=>__('Action 3'),'onclick'=>'setLocation("ACTION 3")']
        return $splitButtonOptions;

 <type name="MagentoSalesBlockAdminhtmlOrderView">
    <plugin name="addMyButton" type="MyModulePluginBlockAdminhtmlOrderView"/>

Correct answer by Kai on October 2, 2021

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