How to create and use REST API for mobile app?

Am totally new to the magento and API’s. I have gone through the Magento Rest Api Documentation.

I have created roles and users for rest api but in the documentation it is like http://magentohost/api/rest/. I have changed my domain in the place of magentohost and given but it is showing like:

Request does not match any route

Whether any code have to add to the link? How to do this.

Can anyone give me the clear idea?

Magento Asked by Gowri Shankar on September 23, 2020

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URL api/rest is only endpoint. To get specific data you have to add action URL.

For example to fetch customers you have to call :

HTTP GET mydomain/api/rest/customers

Example here :

Answered by rafal-kos on September 23, 2020

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