How to set Tiered Pricing on Configurable Products using Price Rules

All of my googling tells me that Magento 2 no longer supports price tiers for configurable products. Only simple products can have price tiers.

The results also point me to using Price Rules.

How do I setup MARKETING > Catalog Price Rule(s) to get price tiers at different order quantities?

The pages are not very intuitive and I cannot find how to set quality break points.

Magento Asked by H. Ferrence on September 9, 2020

2 Answers

2 Answers

You can still create configurable products with tier prices, but configurable product can use only swatches or dropdowns.

  1. Create configurable product
  2. input one price - for now , name and sku
  3. go down to configuration tab generate configurable products using attributes that you can select from there (they need to be layered navigation(in results))

  4. click done 5 you can choice now each of generated products and applay tired price

  5. save configurable product

Answered by BartZalas on September 9, 2020

We can still setup tiers price for configurable products when we create new product, but we cant edit it later.

-Go to Admin-Product-Catalog: add new configurable product

-In base setting-product details tab: fill name, sku, price then SAVE

-Now u can see advanced pricing in advanced setting tab

enter image description here

Answered by MageX on September 9, 2020

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