Magento 2 : How to modify city field html for shipping address on checkout page

I need to edit the city field HTML of New shipping address form on checkout in Magento 2.

I am not getting the file from where we can change this or add some classes in these fields. Please share some idea to achieve this.

Magento Asked by Ashish Jagnani on February 18, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers


<type name="MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutAttributeMerger">
    <plugin name="customAttributeMerger" type="VendorNameSpaceModulePluginAttributeMergerPlugin"/>

AttributeMergerPlugin.php VendorNameSpaceModulePlugin

namespace VendorNameSpaceModulePlugin;

class AttributeMergerPlugin
    public function afterMerge(MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutAttributeMerger $subject, $result)

        if (array_key_exists('city', $result)) {
            $result['city']['additionalClasses'] = 'cusotom_city';

        return $result;

Hope this will help you. thanks

Answered by Ranjeet Kumar on February 18, 2021

Here is the path where you can edit city text field for New Shipping Address Form which was rendered form XML file:


Answered by Varma on February 18, 2021

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