Override method in LayoutProcessor

I want to make changes(PHP code) to the method processPaymentConfiguration, but I don’t know how I can override the method so my changes have a higher priority. I can alter the LayoutProcessor file but it’s never good to apply changes to a core file.

So my question; is this possible and what do I need to do to achieve this?


namespace VendorModuleBlockCheckout;

use MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager;
use MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessorInterface;
use MagentoCustomerModelAttributeMetadataDataProvider;
use MagentoUiComponentFormAttributeMapper;
use MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutAttributeMerger;
use MagentoCustomerModelOptions;

class LayoutProcessor implements LayoutProcessorInterface
    private $attributeMetadataDataProvider;
    protected $attributeMapper;
    protected $merger;
    private $options;

    public function __construct(
        AttributeMetadataDataProvider $attributeMetadataDataProvider,
        AttributeMapper $attributeMapper,
        AttributeMerger $merger
    ) {
        $this->attributeMetadataDataProvider = $attributeMetadataDataProvider;
        $this->attributeMapper               = $attributeMapper;
        $this->merger                        = $merger;

    private function getOptions()
        //same code as Magento/Checkout/Block/LayoutProcessor::getOptions()

    private function getAddressAttributes()
        //same code as Magento/Checkout/Block/LayoutProcessor::getAddressAttributes()

    private function convertElementsToSelect($elements, $attributesToConvert)
        //same code as Magento/Checkout/Block/LayoutProcessor::convertElementsToSelect()

    public function process($jsLayout)
        //same code as Magento/Checkout/Block/LayoutProcessor::process()

    private function processPaymentConfiguration(array &$configuration, array $elements)
        code from Magento/Checkout/Block/LayoutProcessor::processPaymentConfiguration()
        with a couple changes.
        It works when I apply the changes in code file (vendor/magento/magento-checkout/...)

When I var_dump processPaymentConfigurationfrom the core and my custom code, I get the same results. So it looks like the code executes and returns the right thing but nothing is happening.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi=""
    <preference for="MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessor" type="VendorModuleBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessor" />

Magento Asked by creativename on November 25, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

  1. Create your own module if you do not have created it yet.
  2. Implement MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessorInterface::process in your module through YourModule/etc/frontend/di.xml. Check implementation in MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessor::process as a reference

  3. In your new implementation of LayoutProcessorInterface::process method get all payment methods by

    $paymentList = $jsLayout['components']['checkout']['children']['steps']['children']['billing-step']['children']['payment']['children']['payments-list']['children'] ?? null;

  4. Iterate through this payment list and modify layout configuration as needed.

  5. Return modified $jsLayout from your implementation of LayoutProcessorInterface::process method.

Answered by transversus on November 25, 2021

you have to "extend" the class not "implement" interface..

class LayoutProcessor extends MagentoCheckoutBlockCheckoutLayoutProcessor

Answered by Naveed Asim on November 25, 2021

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