Unable to apply patch MagentoInventorySalesSetupPatchSchemaInitializeWebsiteDefaultSock

When running a fresh install I am presented with this error.
This is using the lastest composer package, as per the Magento docs.

[Progress: 113 / 1106]
Module 'Magento_InventorySales':
In PatchApplier.php line 247:
  Unable to apply patch MagentoInventorySalesSetupPatchSchemaInitializeW  
  ebsiteDefaultSock for module Magento_InventorySales. Original exception mes  
  sage: The default website isn't defined. Set the website and try again.

The install command I am using is:
php bin/magento setup:install --base-url='' --db-host='****' --db-name='magento' --db-user='magento' --db-password='****' --admin-firstname='Admin' --admin-lastname='Admin' --admin-email='admin' --admin-user='admin' --admin-password='****' --language='en_GB' --currency='GBP' --timezone='Europe/London' --use-rewrites=1 --cleanup-database

Magento Asked on November 19, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

An alternative to Adam's answer, is to delete env.php at app/etc folder and run the setup again.

Answered by Jorge Henrique on November 19, 2021

The issue is because during the install process Magento installs the store data, but then doesn't flush its cache. (Not actual cache written to disk/redis but the in memory cache of the object) As far as it is concerned there are still no stores in the DB, because there wasn't first time it checked. (Before they were pushed into the DB) To get around this:

  1. make sure you have cweagans/composer-patches installed (composer require cweagans/composer-patches:1.6.7)
  2. add the following to your composer.json
"extra": {
      "patches": {
          "magento/module-store": {
              "Cache not cleared during install": "patches/magento_install_clear_cache.patch"
  1. Add patches/magento_install_clear_cache.patch with content (don't miss the newline at the end of the file):
--- Setup/Patch/Schema/InitializeStoresAndWebsites.php    2020-04-13 17:35:42.000000000 +0000
+++ Setup/Patch/Schema/InitializeStoresAndWebsites.php  2020-06-22 14:24:13.801830924 +0000
@@ -135,6 +135,7 @@
                 'is_active' => 1
+           MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance()->get(MagentoFrameworkAppConfig::class)->clean();

  1. composer update
  2. rm -rf vendor/magento/module-store
  3. composer install --no-dev
  4. then re-run your install command and all should be gravy.

Answered by Adam on November 19, 2021

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