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How to train your hands while working with punching/ boxing bag

In real life, when you need to fight you have no gloves. How can I train my hands for real life punching in fight. I read articles that claim that...

Asked on 11/28/2021

1 answer

Is laundry punching bag the same as regular punching bag?

I would like to know if training with a laundry punching bag such as this is equivalent to using a real punching bag?...

Asked on 11/28/2021

4 answer

Should you throw your crosses, jabs, uppercuts and hooks while tucking in your chin or cheek at the shoulder?

While I am shadow boxing, I always wonder if it's necessary to protect your chin while you throw your punch combinations, as in tucking in your chin behind your shoulders....

Asked on 11/08/2021

1 answer

How do mixed martial artists select their stance lead foot?

An orthodox (right-handed) boxer fights with their left foot forward so they can throw a strong right-handed punch with hip rotation. A right-handed judoka has their right foot forward so...

Asked on 11/05/2021

1 answer

Why Do Pressure Points Work Differently Against Different People?

In Hapkido we do a great deal of training with various pressure point techniques. These include pinches that hit a nerve (e.g., on the inside of the leg or on...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by David H. Clements

6 answer

What does it take to get a black belt in Taekwondo?

I'm a software engineer basically but have been practicing taekwondo since 2-3 months. I just wanted to know what it takes to get a black belt? ...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by vhadalgi

11 answer

Gloves for longsword sparring

In my club, most of the people use Red Dragon gloves for sparring with steel longsword. According to the company's own description, these gloves are not designed for that purpose,...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by kifli

3 answer

Getting more comfortable sitting in 正座 (seiza)

We often end up sitting in 正座 (seiza) for some time during class. This is much longer during demonstrations and gradings....

Asked on 10/22/2021

6 answer

What are the physical requirements for Sumo wrestlers? No exposing six-packs?

Having seen many pictures of Sumo wrestlers on the web, I have not found ones who expose their six-packs or ones who have appearance as follows. ...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Stupid Is As Stupid Does

2 answer

Defending legs with a sword

When defending your legs while using a two-handed sword (longsword, zweihander, etc), what are the advantages and disadvantages between blocking low vs voiding your legs and counter-attacking? (Disclaimer: I understand...

Asked on 10/22/2021

4 answer
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