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Who was the man Eliza was walking towards home with, and why does she spit on him? What did he promise her?

About 37 mins into The Professor and the Madman there is a scene where Eliza is seen walking home with a man. He keeps saying he can't. What was the...

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

Why did Bartosz Tiedemann have a horrified look on his face when Silja Tiedemann gave birth to his child?

In the German TV show Dark, Silja Tiedermann travels back in time to 1890 where she falls in love with Bartosz Tiedemann and gives birth to his child. However, in...

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

What is meant by "The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning” in Dark?

Some characters of the Dark tv series say thatThe beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning.What does it mean?...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by kHarshit

2 answer

Where can I find scripts/screenplays/transcripts of movies and TV shows?

As a general case, Where can I find scripts/screenplays/transcripts of movies and TV shows?...

Asked on 11/17/2021

5 answer

Does the Joker love Harley Quinn?

I have seen Harley Quinn and Joker together so many times in Batman: The Animated Series. Now waiting for Suicide Squad. I want to know a bit more about their...

Asked on 11/17/2021 by Aditya Vyas-Lakhan

7 answer

If Japan won WWII, why would they write from right to left and in kyujitai form?

Can someone please expound the following comment based on the screenshot below? I don't speak Japanese, so please forgive my benightedness. How does Japan's imaginary winning World War II affect...

Asked on 11/17/2021 by user13434

0 answer

Raj's computer monitor and keyboard

Near the beginning of season 10 episode 16: The Allowance Evaporation, the camera is at an angle that shows Raj's computer monitor and keyboard. Is that a real monitor or...

Asked on 11/15/2021

1 answer

Why would Lance work here if he didn't need the money?

In Detectorists, Lance's day job is at some sort of vegetable warehouse facility. The work seems to be poorly paid, menial, and Lance is not especially respected by his colleagues....

Asked on 11/13/2021

1 answer

Why did Merlin pay the merchant if he didn't buy anything?

IN S01E01 of Cursed, Merlin meets with a merchant that has a bunch of 'peculiar' items. The merchant shows Merlin an infant with three faces, and shortly after, Merlin pays...

Asked on 11/11/2021

2 answer

Why did General Erinmore quote a Rudyard Kipling line here?

In 1917 (2019), Schofield and Tom Blake, are ordered by General Erinmore to carry a message to Colonel Mackenzie:General Erinmore: You should meet no resistance. Schofield: Sir, is......

Asked on 11/08/2021 by Guy from Uruguay

3 answer

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