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How many semitones should I change to change melody but same chord

I want to sing a song in different melody but use the same chord. How many semitones should I increase/ decrease so that I won't sound out of tune with...

Asked on 11/28/2021 by Melly Korlyony

3 answer

TS vs TRS cables to connect mixer to Main Out interface

I have a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX mixer and I want to connect it to my speaker (Protech CB400A).The mixer's interfaces of "Main Out" are Mono.But I have a...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Zmani

1 answer

How to preserve audio from old tapes: baking tapes to transfer to digital?

In my loft I have a collection of old quarter-inch tapes dating back to the eighties, mostly, though some as far back as the sixties. I'd like to be able...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by peterG

1 answer

Piano2MIDI How to record video of MIDI visualizer and real piano player integrated into one?

re.: How to record video of MIDI visualizer and real piano player integrated into one ?There is a nice video of MIDI Visualizer playing back MIDI at the later...

Asked on 11/23/2021

1 answer

Analysis questions about "Jade's Desert" from Mortal Kombat Trilogy OST

I transcribed this song recently, and I wanted some insight for analyzing it. It seems to me that it is a diminished riff, using tritones, chromatic stuff, and major seconds....

Asked on 11/21/2021 by alderic_ivanka

1 answer

Super Ultra Hyper Mega Meta Scales

If you are as obsessed with Jacob Collier as I am, you probably know what I'm talking about. If not, it is essentially a scale that continually modulates, taking you...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by WillRoss1

6 answer

How can an augmented 3rd interval be considered dissonant?

I'm reading a book where the augmented 3 interval(two note) is considered a dissonant. However being that its enharmonic equivalent is a perfect fourth, I can't see how this can...

Asked on 11/15/2021

5 answer

If your saxophone is leaking spit, can it damage the pads?

My saxophone has been leaking spit all over the first three keys that you put your fingers on (don't know the names of them) and I'm worried that it will...

Asked on 11/15/2021 by gt_isn't_canon-1234

3 answer

Double-klezmer notes

I am curious about the klezmer scale. I mean exactly the half, 1.5, and the half note series gives the mood. What about doubling this 4 note series in an...

Asked on 11/13/2021 by Ahmet Bilal

1 answer

Are there any melodicas out there that use steel reeds?

Or another ferromagnetic material. Most Harmonicas use Brass reeds, I think Seydel is the only exception, who make the "session steel", a stainless steel reeded harmonica. Seydel don't make...

Asked on 11/13/2021

1 answer

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