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Symbolism behind Hephaestus riding a donkey

When Hephaestus returns to Olympus after being thrown out by Hera, some authors/artists portray him as riding a donkey: (Source: ...

Asked on 01/20/2021 by bleh

2 answer

Why are goats associated with Satan?

Why is the goat often associated with Satan in various religious folklore and illustrations? What makes the goat satanic?...

Asked on 10/25/2020 by amphibient

5 answer

Why did Ninḫursaĝa cure Enki?

In the story of Uttu and Enki, Ninḫursaĝa cursed Enki:Ninḫursaĝa cursed the name Enki: "Until his dying day, I will never look upon him with life-giving eye." However,...

Asked on 10/18/2020 by user1385

1 answer

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