What was the Aztec religion's view of virginity?

This is a follow-up question to: "Why did druidesses vow perpetual virginity?"

What was the Aztec religion’s view of virginity? Did they, like the Romans with their vestal virgins, view virginity as a sort of stored-up power upon which their civilization depended? Or did they think the survival of their civilization depended primarily upon human sacrifice?

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1950's conservative:

While I'm not an expert, from what I can find, the Aztecs had an attitude about sex that would have fit in the 1950's. Virginity was expected of women when they married, less so for men. Prostitutes were semi-official, but infidelity was punishable by death, as was homosexuality or sodomy of any kind. Naturally, "punishable by death" takes on a gruesome definition for the Aztecs; read up on it at your own peril.

It looks like there had been a thought at one point historically that virginity had something to do with human sacrifice, but the attitude on the subject has changed. Also, a lot of the understanding of Aztec sexuality has been filtered through the Catholic church, which documented much of Aztec practice.

Answered by DWKraus on November 10, 2021

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