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1 year old baby won't sleep when overtired and cries a lot

My 15 month old daughter goes to sleep keeping herself latched to mother's feed.When she was a newborn, she used to sleep in a crib, but she has made...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Lakshay

1 answer

Advice on potty training a stubborn 6 year old

I was wondering if anybody would have any advice on how to get my 6 year old daughter to start potty training. I have tried in the past when she...

Asked on 11/13/2021 by Katlyn

2 answer

How to work-at-home given no daycare

We have two kids, a 14 month old and 2.5. We're sinking financially, and with the current shelter-in-place order (SF Bay Area, CA, USA) we're struggling to just get distraction-free...

Asked on 10/26/2021

7 answer

Should a teenager coming out of quarantine be held responsible to clean up after themself?

My almost 15 year old son recently had to spend 10 days in the basement, due to a member of his school testing positive for COVID-19 (he tested negative). During...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by Simona

12 answer

How to encourage video chatting with family?

During this social distancing and lockdown situation, we have all been going through, we haven't been able to connect with loved ones which has been hard. It's been especially rough...

Asked on 10/26/2021

5 answer

How should parents handle dominant behaviour of toddler towards other children?

My daugther is almost 17 month old which is our first child and she is not in kindergarten yet (starts in two month). Whenever we go with her on a...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by Matthias Mohr

3 answer

What can I do to encourage children I mentor to be tolerant of other's differences if parents don't want an open discussion about it?

I believe strongly In encouraging children to be open and respectful of everyone regardless of their differences, That everyone should be loved regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, or...

Asked on 10/26/2021

1 answer

Is placing my child in the same class as a close cousin a bad idea?

My son is going to be starting preschool this Fall. He has a first cousin close in age that's going to be attending the same school. Is it a bad...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by bigO

5 answer

How to help my my 18-month-old daughter who may have night terrors?

I have an 18-month-old daughter. For the past few months, she has been going to bed at 8 pm. At around 12 or so she will start crying and screaming...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by Sarah Lewis

1 answer

How to get 16 months baby to drink milk again

Our son was breastfed until around 6 months and then was put on formula milk.He used to drink well until about 11 months when he started drinking less and...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by Ghisso

1 answer

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