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Body fat % difference between man and woman setting

I have started my fitness journey a month ago, by not drinking sodas any more and after that I have started to add more exercises to my life and a...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by TK-421

2 answer

Is it possible to gain weight while exercising?

I'm 17, about 5'3 and around 60kg (although I haven't touched a scale since a surgery when I was 15). I look quite skinny, especially as a lot of the...

Asked on 12/02/2021

1 answer

Elliptical vs jogging

We recently bought an elliptical machine to exercise at home since most other options are shut down for now. When I use it I can go 45 minutes to an...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by AndyD273

1 answer

Minimum sleep time to secrete growth hormones

Obviously sleep is the steroids of natural bodybuilding, cause while you sleep you grow your muscle, and it is well known that we need at least 8 hours of sleep...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by Antonio Aguilar

1 answer

Reducing the dangers of upright rows

I am aware of the debate on the dangers of upright barbell rows and I acknowledge both sides. The fact of the matter is that it is a great compound...

Asked on 11/11/2021

1 answer

How can I improve my renegade row?

I've been using the ASICS Studio app for workouts recently. I've seen an improvement in my ability to do several exercises, but one of the ones that I still struggle...

Asked on 11/08/2021 by Thomas Owens

2 answer

How accurate are one repetition maximum calculators?

It is quite obvious that every online calculator is off because of individual differences, but math tends to be spot on everything and when it doesn't it's because we lack...

Asked on 10/26/2021

2 answer

Does Performing Easier Exercise Reduce Endurance?

Recently, I was injured. Before injury, I would do HIIT workouts that push my body to the limit. I do it regularly (4 or 5 times a week). During injury,...

Asked on 10/26/2021

2 answer

Advise ab training before resuming Strong Lifts 5 x 5?

I have been doing the Strong Lifts program for a year and a half at least before COVID closed all of the gyms. The program has been working very well;...

Asked on 10/26/2021 by phargart

2 answer

What surface is ideal for jumping rope outdoors?

I bought a Rogue jump rope with steel cables, but found that none of the ceilings in my house are high enough for jump rope. There are some products for...

Asked on 10/26/2021

2 answer

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