Is there a good guide/mind map for factors of quantitative trading?

I have know there are many factors , they can divied into several groups in my opinion

  • group 1 are some factors called P/E , P/B, ROE …. , used to describe a company’s history/current status .
  • group 2 are factors called MA5, MA12 , MACD …. , these are calculated from the stock values
  • group 3 something called alpha factors , a big familly , are calculated through some complicated formula

I mean, is there some good guide or mind map can:

  • cover most of them
  • tell what are them, how they come from
  • tell how they divided
  • tell how they used for

I searched around and nothing useful found , every site I found only described some of them and talking in their way . For what I saw , there are at least 20+ in group 1 , 100+ in group 2 . 200+ in group 3

Quantitative Finance Asked on November 17, 2021

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