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Is it possible to interact with the NOOBS install remotely (VNC, SSH or other)?

I copied the NOOBS files to a FAT32 microSD Card. There is no monitor or keyboard installed on the Raspberry Pi all I have is power and a network cable....

Asked on 11/28/2021

2 answer

Access point as WiFi router/repeater, optional with bridge

I need a wireless access point that is bridged with the wired ethernet port and that is connected to another wifi internet router with a client connection as uplink. All...

Asked on 11/28/2021

3 answer

Alpine Linux - Changing/Moving the file system

recently I installed alpine linux on my 16gb sd and everything went right (I followed this tutorial ), but I realized that my file system is...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Lisandro Di Meo

1 answer

3.5 Inch RPi LCD with colors problem

I've just installed a 3.5 Inch RPi LCD (A) V3 (XPT2046 Touch Controller) on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and I'm having problems with the colors of the display....

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Gabriel Schubert

2 answer

Getting Memory Error while installing tensorflow in raspberry

Memory Error while installing tensorflow in raspberrypi-buster...

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Can anyone help a n00b out? I should have enough space on my SD. df -h results are below. sda1 is for NAS storage. I'd appriciate any input...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by lolok

2 answer

PWM issues with pigpio and RPi.GPIO

I am using Pi Zero W with latest Raspberry Pi OS. I have a backlight of an LCD that I am trying to control via PWM. If I use RPi.GPIO...

Asked on 11/23/2021

2 answer

Can I identify my PI by domain name in a LAN?

RPI can be accessed from computers in the same LAN by using it's local ip.If I want to access it by a specific name, I can set it up...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by Dorin Botan

3 answer

raspi-config network option not working

I am trying to turn on the network option in raspi-config, but when I do, I get this error:could not communicate with wpa_supplicantThen I hit enter to continue and...

Asked on 11/20/2021 by Mooshroom14

4 answer

How to Monitor the Health Level and Functionalities of Relays Connected to Raspberry Pi

I am building an application to control more than 20 raspberry pis where each of which controls 32 relays connected to electrical locks. having a big system like this would...

Asked on 11/20/2021 by Abdulkarim Kanaan

1 answer

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