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How do I match a partial string in cell against a list Excel 2013?

I have the following information in a cell| John Smith 34, Manager | | Jane Doe 25, Assistant || Lucio 32, Web Developer |I also have another...


Super User Asked by Aasim Azam on 2 minutes ago

How do I configure sssd to authenticate against LDAP using client certificates / SASL EXTERNAL

I have a need to configure various Ubuntu Trusty machines using sssd against a 389ds server that expects to be bound to using a binddn selected automatically via a client...


Super User Asked by Graham Leggett on 7 minutes ago

Server sent passive reply with unroutable address in FileZilla

I am trying to browse old plain FTP server with FileZilla and getting the following errorsServer sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.Browsing is nearly impossible. What...


Super User Asked on 12 minutes ago

mdadm wont mount due to checksum error

I have ubuntu raid5 on 4 disks of 1tb disks which had no dirty shutdown or power issue. The bootdisk is 5th disk which is not on mdadm. I also...


Super User Asked by thevikas on 17 minutes ago

RAID1 / CentOS - I can not remove a faulty disk and connect the good disk

This server (has RAID 1 - SoftRAID with CentOS) has been delayed by deleting a cache of 290,000 files last week, and yesterday when performing manual backup of the machine...


Super User Asked by Thiago Silva on 22 minutes ago

Use USB port as serial comms to PC for STM32-NucleoF411 on Win10

I have a STM32 Nucleo-F411RE that I am using with WIN 10, 64 bit. I'm able to program it and everything OK. But I want to be able to...


Super User Asked by user8094905 on 27 minutes ago

Using remote desktop with server with auto logon

I am looking for the workaround for the following problem: there's .exe file, which must be run at the server startup. It can not be run as is as a...


Super User Asked on 37 minutes ago

Keep most recent browsing data in web browser

When you clear your cache in modern browsers you are given choices such as:Last hourTodayLast weekLast monthAll timeGoogle Chrome on my Android phone has recently started becoming unresponsive when I...


Super User Asked on 42 minutes ago

Microsoft Excel | Inserting a Formula in Filtered Cells

I have some very large spreadsheets, in which information I need is spread across several. I have a master spreadsheet which is "pulling" information from those various sheets using VLOOKUP....


Super User Asked on 47 minutes ago

how to disable all notifications from windows

I have online exams for a week. The department uses a system called Wheebox have sent us email to turn of all notifications from...


Super User Asked on 52 minutes ago

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