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Did OSes write the floppy's logical sector number resulting from sector interleave/skew in the IDAM sector ID, or was it up to the OS?

I've been looking at MicroBee floppy disk image files. They use the DSK/EDSK image file format originally created for Amstrad CPC emulators, probably because both systems use...

Asked on 11/24/2021

1 answer

Does the 6502's TXS and TSX affect flags or not?

Title says it all really. Some documentation claims that the S and Z flags are affected by both TXS and TSX, just as with all other transfer...

Asked on 11/12/2021

1 answer

(Lack of) identifying IRQ sources in C64 interrupt handlers

I'm trying to learn about C64 interrupt handling (with the goal of putting it in practice). My understanding is that interrupts can be triggered by different sources but there is...

Asked on 11/12/2021

2 answer

Sources for some old BASIC games

Poking about in early issues of Dr Dobbs' Journal (the journal of the People's Computer Company, or PCC) I came across a listing for BASIC games available on...

Asked on 11/10/2021

4 answer

Was the Ram Turbo the only 3rd party Interface 2 ROM cartridge interface for the ZX Spectrum or were there others?

One of the original Sinclair peripherals for the ZX Spectrum was the Interface 2 which provided joystick ports and also a slot for ROM cartridges:...

Asked on 11/07/2021

1 answer

Why were computer customers called "Users"?

The term User for computer hardware and software customers has been universal for as long as I can remember. It has always applied to both hardware and software customers -...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by Brian H

19 answer

Did many programs really store years as two characters (Y2K bug)?

The claim that programs stored dates as two ASCII or similar characters because computers were limited in resources seems wrong to me because it takes more memory than one 8-bit...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by Mr. Chem Question

14 answer

Why were "data modems" so much more expensive compared to "fax modems" back in the day?

In 1997, my uncle visited and gave me a "fax modem" which he installed on our 486 PC and then managed to transfer over a fax document from a real...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by B. Yath

7 answer

Was it possible to write a novel on a BBC Micro 16kb/32kb memory era computer without expansions?

BBC Micro model B has 32k memory. An average book, like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, has about 350,000 characters in it. So you'd need over 10 times the memory to load...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by NibblyPig

11 answer

What's the terminal/home computer used as a prop in the computer school in Superman 3?

The DenOfGeek article [Brew2013] has screen captures from the movie Superman III, in particular the early scenes in the movie where character Gus Gorman is at computer...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by JdeBP

4 answer

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