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WinDbg pattern search not returning expected result

I'm searching for a string, say the old "This program cannot run". Switching context to e.g. notepad, non invasive, with page translation1: kd> !process 0 0 notepad.exePROCESS ffff9d05d0005080 ...

Asked on 11/22/2021

0 answer

How to run another IDA script using IDApython?

I'm using IDA batch scripting to run a script on a dataset of malware the problem is i need to run the VB6 idc script after auto analysis is finished,...

Asked on 11/17/2021

1 answer

IDA python : reading n bytes from an offset

Using python in IDA, I would like tu create a partial file dump.For exemple I would like to dump the data from offset X for a size of Y....

Asked on 11/10/2021

1 answer

Linux keyboard driver windows reverse engineering

I have toshiba portege x30-f laptop with Fn keys not working under linux. I've read some articles about usb drivers reverse engineering, but the keyboard connected not via usb. As...

Asked on 11/08/2021

1 answer

How to import files and analyze it in Ghidra using a python script?

I want to write a script which imports an exe file, analyzes it, extracts some features and saves it using python. The part which I am not able to understand...

Asked on 11/05/2021

1 answer

How can you dump the unpacked version of a packed library/plugin from memory on macOS?

I'm dealing with a custom-upx packed library that I'm trying to unpack. System is macOS. Given it's a library/plugin, it doesn't have a standalone entrypoint. I ran it through a...

Asked on 11/05/2021

1 answer

How can I navigate to the Disassembly address location?

I'm using x32dbg and I've set a hardware memory breakpoint. It triggers successfully for a specified module and the debugger pauses and a message on the bottom says:Hardware breakpoint...

Asked on 10/05/2021 by KeyC0de

1 answer

Determine Control-Flow Of A .NET Assembly?

Using DnSpy is great, but it's very awkward to ascertain the control-flow of an executable. Is anyone able to advise on free-of-charge helpful apps that display a control-flow graph? IDA...

Asked on 10/04/2021

1 answer

Logitech UE (Mega)Boom Broadcast Audio

I am interested to build a tool which can stream audio synchronized to multiple UE Boom speakers. UE (Mega)Boom speakers already have the ability to build up a broadcast/multicast domain...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Julius

0 answer

Decrypting Lua Files from game

I'm truing to decrypt LUA scrpits from cocos2dx game (for wiki). Links to files of (cocos2dx external library)example encrypted LUA-scripts (*.abc...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Azat Idrisov

1 answer

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