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What is the temperature range for food not to burn your mouth?

I'm trying to get a temperature range for knowing when food is too hot to eat. Most of what I am finding is temperature ranges for food to kill...

Asked on 11/29/2021

7 answer

Why do hand held can openers stop working so quickly?

Is there any way to fix or adjust a hand held can opener? I keep buying new ones becausewithin a month or so of buying them, they won't...

Asked on 11/29/2021

4 answer

How do I safely caramelize honey without fully burning it?

Background:I am going to make a bochetomel, which is a type of mead that utilizes partly caramelized honey to impart a smokey/slightly burnt taste to the finished product.The...

Asked on 11/26/2021

7 answer

USA analogue of EU Gastronorm standard

What is the standard for kitchenware tray and container sizes in the USA, that is the analogue of the Gastronorm standard in EU? For instance the standard...

Asked on 11/24/2021

1 answer

How can I render bacon fat without frying it?

I wanted to render the fat from some bacon to produce bacon grease.The usual advice that you see on the internet is to simply fry whole strips of bacon...

Asked on 11/21/2021

3 answer

Is there a substitute for tahini in hummus?

If I don't have tahini is there anything similar to use to make hummus?...

Asked on 11/20/2021

16 answer

How will baking chicken at a high heat differ from a lower heat?

I want to fix my daughter's favorite foods for her birthday -- chicken and fries -- but don't want to actually deep-fry anything. (Don't have a deep-fryer, for one...

Asked on 11/18/2021

3 answer

How can I bake muffins without an oven?

In the Big Man's Blog, there's a recipe for Banana Bread Muffins, which I'd love to make. The problem is the very first item below, since I...

Asked on 11/09/2021

3 answer

Where does the green part of the scallion start and the white part end?

I've been using Hello Fresh for a while now and many of their recipes include the step: "Trim and thinly slice scallions, separating whites from greens." Looking at a...

Asked on 11/03/2021

4 answer

Is there a quintessential Italian hot sauce?

Fill in the blank: Franks is to America what Cholula is to Mexico what Sriracha is to Vietnam what ______ is to Italy. One of my recipes which is a...

Asked on 11/03/2021

3 answer

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