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I want to forward all incoming E-mails to my HubSpot CRM System. To achieve this I want to configure my Exchange Server to forward them.

Exchange Server seems to provide only a redirect rule and no forward rule. Unfortunately redirect does not work, as Hubspot only recognize forwarded emails.

I’ve found this in the Hubspot Docs.

enter image description here

I assume that my exchange server redirects the email to Hubspot, but Hubspot can’t find the forwarded text block and so it can’t match the email to a contact.

Is there any way to forward all emails and append a text block with the sender to the original message ?

Server Fault Asked by Simon Ludwig on November 22, 2021

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Do you want to forward all incoming emails include a forwarded text block to Hubspot? If so, you could create a new mailbox which is specified to get all incoming emails, then create a transport rule which is used to Cc these emails to the new mailbox, after that, you could create an Outlook rule for this "Cc" mailbox to forward these incoming emails to Hubspot.

The following snapshots which show the transport/Outlook rule:

1.1 Exchange 2010(Transport Rule): enter image description here

1.2 Exchange 2013/2016/2019(Transport Rule): enter image description here

  1. Outlook Rule:

enter image description here

After creating the above transport/outlook rules, all incoming emails will be Cc to the new mailbox, at the same time, they will be forwarded to another external email address : enter image description here

Answered by Ivan_Wang on November 22, 2021

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