how to setup multiple static IP on WAN in pfSense

I have from my ISP a static address (say as well as a range of 2 hosts I get handed the first static address when I connect via PPPoE.

I have added a virtual IP entry in pfSense | Firewall: proxy ARP with the range.
From the outside I can ping one of my hosts in the range, i.e. ping works.

But I cannot figure out how to setup a NAT port forward so that I can reach an internal webserver from the outside over one of the two range host IP addresses? I don’t want to use NAT 1:1 because I mostly want to have multiple port 80 to the same web server.

Server Fault Asked by erict on November 22, 2021

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In proxy ARP write the second staticIP/30.

Answered by Alessandro Secchi on November 22, 2021

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