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Is real-time signal processing possible under Windows?

This question is related to on How to decide what platform is best to implement real-time audio processing on?, but focusing on Windows. I'd like to be able...

Asked on 11/28/2021

4 answer

How to calculate DTFT of cosine function divided by n

I'm having a hard time to calculate the next function, and I don't really know Matlab good enough to calculate it there.Help would be appreciated: $$h[n]=frac{A_1 cos⁡[theta_1(n-N/2)]}{n-N/2}$$...

Asked on 11/28/2021 by Jhon Margalit

1 answer

Understanding MFCC

I am not from electrical or electronic background so my knowledge will be lacking. MFCC is represented by 39 values for each window frame. 12 values are the mel filter-bank...

Asked on 11/28/2021 by Naveen Gabriel

0 answer

How to determine the original size of the FFT used in unknown OFDM symbol

Given an unknown OFDM symbol consisting of 9144 samples, interested to know the size of the FFT used in the TX/Number of bins. Down-sampling to 512,256,128,64,32 yields the following....

Asked on 11/25/2021 by SenSen

3 answer

Fourier transform of a damped cosine wave with a linear frequency chirp

I want to take the Fourier transform of the following transient signal,$$f(t) = e^{-t/tau} cos((omega_0 + m t)t)$$, where $m$ is some gradient parameter in units of...

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

How well can discrete wavelet packet transform reduce noises that are similar to the input signal in the same frequency band?

If I had 50Hz noise coming from power line, and signals in the same frequency range (EEG for example 0.1Hz to 100Hz). If my sampling frequency is 30kHz but I...

Asked on 11/25/2021

0 answer

Does the FFT size matter in OFDM demodulation?

The DFT size in OFDM demodulation is usually matched to the DFT size in the modulation process. This makes modulation/demodulation simple where each FFT bin (i.e., sample) represents one symbol....

Asked on 11/25/2021

1 answer

Detecting corners using structure tensor matrix

How does eigenvalues of structure tensor matrix help in detecting corners? For eg, in Harris corner detection, we consider the matrix $$M = sum_{w} w cdotbegin{bmatrix}I_x^2 &...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by Nagabhushan S N

1 answer

How to Extrapolate a 1D Signal?

I have a signal of some length, say 1000 samples. I would like to extend this signal to 5000 samples, sampled at the same rate as the original (i.e., I...

Asked on 11/23/2021

4 answer

Remove Shadows from Contour of an Object (Grapes)

I want to extract only the grapes from the images. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't get the grapes exactly. I have a code that doesn't work well in all cases. Sometimes,...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by Alon Shmiel

1 answer

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