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Can both bitwise set/resets be achieved in one line with ternary operators?

I would like to express the following in a more condensed form:if (a||b) { alarm |= (1UL << 4) }else { alarm &= ~(1UL << 4) }However, I am...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by user8585939

5 answer

Unable to understand error in D flip flop code

I have a problem in the test bench code, and I am not getting correct waveforms. Even the clock does not trigger. CODE for D Flipflop:module D_FF(o,D,clk); ...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by chaitanya_12789

2 answer

CodeMirror Highlight specific Regex-Match

I'm trying to highlight all %()% substrings in the htmlmixed mode. The matching RegExp is ([%(](.*)[)%]). Here's the code i'm using for CodeMirror:const code = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.querySelector("#id"), { ...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by c000

1 answer

Change visibility TextView in layout when switch between two activities in Android

I have an app that switches between two different activities (Main Activity with a simple text and Second Activity with two TextViews) in Android with different layouts every 10 seconds....

Asked on 11/29/2021

1 answer

How do we find frequency of one column based off two other columns in SQL?

I'm relatively new to working with SQL and wasn't able to find any past threads to solve my question. I have three columns in a table, columns being name, customer,...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by degreecharge

4 answer

Git: Stashed Changes But Still Can't Pull

I have looked all over and followed several different sets of instructions on this but none seems to work for me. I have a GitHub repository and I have made...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by CrawfordBenjamin

1 answer

elif a=="no": ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

this is the error i get for my code I cant seem to find out how to fix itFile "C:UsersmayarDesktopfinal edge", line 19 elif a=="no":...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by Mayar Kurdi

3 answer

ValueError: Unconverted data remains .000

I'm super new to Python and just got thrown for a loop when my source csv file changed its format. The date field now has this: 2020-07-22T00:00:00.000 when what I...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by vbdashes

2 answer

Click only through holes in svg mask: case with intersecting holes

I have svg mask which determines holes in rectangular. Behind svg mask I have some clickable elements and I would like to pass events to them, but only through holes....

Asked on 11/29/2021 by arsonist

1 answer

Why won't R recognize numbers 10 or above in my data frame?

I'm still fairly new to R, so maybe this is an obvious fix, but I'm having trouble with R recognizing numbers above 9; as shown below, I'm ...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by ankaa

0 answer

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