Apache Camel - How to make a value accessible across the entire route?

I am trying out a Camel route that queries a table (with primary key), generates a CSV based on the query response and stores the CSV file in Azure storage container. After successfully storing the file in Azure, I need to update a flag in the table that was queried initially. For this purpose I am setting the primary key as part of the header, but after the azure endpoint is executed, the header values are getting reset. So I am not able to retrieve the initial header and hence the primary key value which I need. What is the ideal way to store a value that is accessible during the entire route?


Stack Overflow Asked by Saud on November 18, 2021

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You can store it in the exchange properties. You can add the value using .setProperty("key","value") and retrieve it using $exchangeProperty("key")

Answered by Sneharghya Pathak on November 18, 2021

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