How to keep up-to-date between RN and Native Android Screen about current stack?

I’m triggering android activity FullScreenActivity whenever video notification comes into the app. This screen display on top of react-native. But I don’t want to trigger this FullScreenActivity when user is on a specific screen of react-native.

we have same feature coded on RN and android. I want to achieve

  • when app is foreground and not in RN specific screen, FullScreenActivity should trigger.
  • when app is foreground and in RN specific screen, FullScreenActivity should not trigger and call RN scene instead.
  • when app is background or killed, FullScreenActivity should trigger.


  1. user is in screen 1 -> got notification -> now trigger FullScreenActivity.
  2. How to handle if user moves to screen 2 (doesn’t trigger if in screen 2) while the above step in progress?

How android know user in the specific screen of RN and how RN should know FullScreenActivity is currently active? I want to make one / two-way communication between both platforms.

Stack Overflow Asked by Balasubramanian on November 15, 2021

3 Answers

3 Answers

You should make two-way communication between platforms. I assume you know how to create and register your native modules in Android.

React-Native -> Android communication.

Native code:

public void setCurrentScreen(String screen) {

In JS code, you can attach navigation listener to your Router via setting onStateChange prop and calling YourNativeModule.setCurrentScreen() method.

Android -> React-Native communication:

Just send an event from FullScreenActivity to JS with activity state information and subscribe to events in JS.

    override fun onStart() {

    override fun onStop() {

    private fun sendActivityStartedEvent() {
        val params = Arguments.createMap()
        params.putBoolean("active", true)
        sendEvent("activityState", params)

    private fun sendActivityStoppedEvent() {
        val params = Arguments.createMap()
        params.putBoolean("active", false)
        sendEvent("activityState", params)

    private fun sendEvent(eventName: String, params: WritableMap?) {
                ?.emit(eventName, params)

In order to access reactNativeHost your FullScreenActivity must be instance of ReactActivity

JS code:

this.subscription = DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('activityState', event => {

Answered by Vadim Goroshevsky on November 15, 2021

You need to create a native module with two-way binding with:

  • A function that RN calls on android, invoked every time the user change a react native screen

  • When you receive a video notification, you check the current screen and decide if the FullScreenActivity should be shown or not

  • An event emitted by the native module every time the FullScreenActivity shows/hides, and react-native can subscribe to it

when app is background or killed, FullScreenActivity should trigger.

I don't understand the question, You can't present/hide/do stuff when your app is killed

Answered by gbalduzzi on November 15, 2021

If I understand correctly, you can use Actions.

import {Actions} from 'react-native-router-flux';


Actions.currentScene gives you the active scene.

Answered by İlker on November 15, 2021

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