How to make a script in javascript that counts the total number of divs clicked

Like the title says, I’m trying to make a function in Javascript that counts how many divs are clicked A N D tell me which ones were clicked For example:

 <div onclick="somefunction">1</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction">2</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction">3</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction">4</div>

Let’s say div 1 and 2 are clicked, how do I make a javascript function that will tell me which divs were clicked (in our case 1 and 2 were) and total number of divs that were clicked?

Stack Overflow Asked on November 15, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

To keep track of the amount of clicks, I would declare a public variable that keeps track of the click count and have the function increment it each time it is called.

To check which div is clicked, I would pass the number of the div as a parameter.


<div onclick="someFunction(1)"> 1 </div>
<div onclick="someFunction(2)"> 2 </div>
<div onclick="someFunction(3)"> 3 </div>
<div onclick="someFunction(4)"> 4 </div>


    var clickCount = 0;
    function someFunction(divNum)
        console.log("Clicks: " + clickCount);
        switch (divNum)
        case 1:
            console.log("Clicked: " + 1);
        case 2:
            console.log("Clicked: " + 2);
        case 3:
            console.log("Clicked: " + 3);
        case 4:
            console.log("Clicked: " + 4);

Answered by finndg on November 15, 2021

var divsClicked="divs clicked = ";
var count = 0;
function somefunction(num){
divsClicked = divsClicked + num + ",";
display.innerHTML=divsClicked + "count =" + count;
 <div onclick="somefunction(1)">1</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction(2)">2</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction(3)">3</div>
 <div onclick="somefunction(4)">4</div>
<div id='display'><div>

Answered by DCR on November 15, 2021

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