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Your getting an unexpected identifier because of the double quotes (") in the href attribute in the <a> tag.

Because you are using double quotes (") to create your string, when you try to use them in the <a>, they are ending your string literal.

You currently have:

var email_HTMLbody = "Hey " + firstName + "a lot of text... then <a href="someurl
                                                                         ^     ^
                                                            end of string|     |
                                                             this is unexpected|   

You could escape the double quotes in the href with a backslash before the double quote ("):

var email_HTMLbody = "... <a href="someurl">click me </a>"

or use backticks:

var email_HTMLbody = `... <a href="someurl">click me </a>`

Answered by dwmorrin on November 15, 2021

Perhaps, but the result I tried with the same code

It worked when n was put in
and the URL part of http was enclosed in single quotes.

Answered by officeforest on November 15, 2021

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