OnChanged State of Checkbox in Flutter

I am working on the todo list app and used CheckBox to check off the todo on the list.

But it keeps going back to the unchecked state on refreshing the page.
I want to save the state in the database.
I am populating the todoList in getAllTodos

Here is the code:




            var todos= await _todoService.readTodo();
              setState(() {
                var model=Todo();
            body: ListView.builder(itemCount: _todoList.length,itemBuilder: (context, index){
                return Padding(
                  padding:  EdgeInsets.only(top:8.0, left: 8.0, right: 8.0),

          child: Card (
                elevation: 8.0,
                shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
                  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(0)
                  child: InkWell(
                    onTap: (){
                      setState(() {
                    child: ListTile(
                      leading: Checkbox(
                        checkColor: Colors.indigo,
                        value: _todoList[index].isChecked,
                        onChanged: (bool value){
                          setState(() {
                      title: Row(
                        mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceBetween,
                        children: <Widget>[
                          Text(_todoList[index].title ?? 'No Title',
                            style: TextStyle(decoration: (_todoList[index].isChecked? TextDecoration.lineThrough: TextDecoration.none),
                          IconButton(icon: Icon(Icons.delete,color:,
                              onPressed: (){
                      subtitle: Text(_todoList[index].dueDate ?? 'No Due Date'),

Here is the isChecked value:

class Todo{
  bool isChecked=false; 

Please help me out.

Update: Added a line in the setState() of onChanged callback calling the service method to change the state of of the checkbox via _todoService.saveTodo(_todoList[index]);

Now the problem is that onChange() is called twice on a single tap. How do I correct the multi-calls in the onChange callback?

Stack Overflow Asked by Ruchita Bhaskar on November 18, 2021

1 Answers

One Answer

Follow the steps from here w.r.t checkbox manipulation.

Hopefully, everything works!

Answered by CATALUNA84 on November 18, 2021

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