Weird special characters in string while using backtick with single quote or double quote with t function on react

I have a method named makeGreeting(someData) inside the class component in React as

   return `${person.firstName} ${person.lastName} - ${person.greetings}`;

In the same file inside the render method return section, we have called for ViewGreeting component which is in some other file.this.props.personData we are receiving from another component using user input

     description={t("common:SOME_ANOTHER_LEVEL", {
                  subject: this.makeGreeting(this.props.personData),

Our ViewGreeting component in some another file is as follows


Now when we give data such as:

firstName: "fn",
lastName: "ln"
greeting: "Hello"

then it prints perfectly in ViewGreeting component as fn ln - hello.
but if we give input such as

firstName: "fn",
lastName: "ln"
greeting: "Hello'msg"


firstName: "fn",
lastName: "ln"
greeting: "Hello"msg"

means single or double quote inside the greeting message then it prints weird characters in ViewGreeting component as:

fn ln - hello'msg

How should I correct it? I want same greeting in the component as it passed from user input with a single or double quote not these special characters in the Viewgreeting component.

Stack Overflow Asked by Asis on November 22, 2021

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