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Why my personal hotmail account is Miscrosoft Exchange account type in Windows 7 Outlook 2016

I just found my personal Hotmail account's type is Microsoft Exchange. Is that because I have taken my laptop to my previous company? If that is the case, why it...

Asked on 11/29/2021

1 answer

Elevated command line prompt can't access shared drives

I map a share from another machine using my user account.I launch an elevated command prompt (cmd.exe, right click, Run as administrator).Navigating to shared drive (Z:) results in:The system cannot...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by mindless.panda

8 answer

Stop Yahoo! from opening in second tab when opening Google Chrome

I recently downloaded Vuze (torrent client), which as well as installing itself, installs a whole bunch of rubbish toolbars (mostly by an outfit called Spigot) and tries to change your...

Asked on 11/29/2021

8 answer

Why does the .exe file of a Modern App fail to run and produces an error regarding the app container?

Inside the C:Program FilesWindowsApplications folder there are the .exe files for the Modern Apps on my PC. When I double-click on one of them, a pop-up tells me:This application...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by Teo Zec

3 answer

Keyboard unresponsive for first minute after booting Windows 8.1

When I initially boot into Windows 8.1, my keyboard responds very slowly, if at all, until roughly a minute after login. I can start typing, but there will be about...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by MildWolfie

3 answer

VPN server behind a NAT without port forwarding

I installed the SoftEther VPN server on a raspberry pi which is connected via LAN behind a NAT/Firewall. The client should be an Android as well as an iOS device...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by testVPN

1 answer

ffmpeg - Overlay one video on to another

I want to overlay one video on to another.I have two videos with same time duration. Aim is to make upper video little transparent so that one can see whats...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by Nisarg

1 answer

Is it possible to force print a PDF file borderless?

I have a poster in PDF format which I would like to share with a group of people. They will (most likely) print the document, but it is designed to...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by SjonTeflon

2 answer

How to remove all line breaks from text file using Batch

I wanted to remove all line breaks from text fileExample:FILE1 +FILE2 +FILE3 +The output should beFILE1 + FILE2 + FILE3 +I can't find answers on search engine...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by user3754804

2 answer

How to disable Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right on KDE?

I need Ctrl+Alt+ (Left/Right) to be bound to IntelliJ IDEA but something is preventing the combination to reach IDEA. I searched everywhere but I only found information about Gnome...

Asked on 11/29/2021 by José Roberto Araújo Júnior

1 answer

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