Do Motherboards limit RAM per stick?

So long story short My Motherboard says that I have the Iona GL8E but CPU-Z says that I have the MSI-2A9C. The Iona MB does not support 8GB sticks but the MSI one does. When I tried to put an 8GB Stick, PC boots but shutdowns after 4/5 seconds. Could I possibly just put the proper BIOS and use the 8GB stick?

Super User Asked by Johhny Johnny on November 18, 2021

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The short answer is no. Generally speaking a BIOS has no control over the amount and size of RAM a computer can use. That is limited by the memory controller on the motherboard or the CPU itself. Next, is the motherboard. While CPU-Z says you have a MSI-2A9C, it is not a MSI motherboard. It is a motherboard manufactured for HP by MSI. While the motherboard might be based on an existing MSI motherboard, it's specifications are most probably different than any MSI motherboard.

Answered by Keltari on November 18, 2021

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