How to change "Volume Serial Number" in Windows docker image?

I am trying to change the “Volume Serial Number” of a docker image with Sysinternals VolumeId but I’m getting Error reading drive: The request is not supported. when I run Volumeid64.exe C: 1AAA-111A -nobanner -accepteula.

I’ve also tried with volumeid.exe. I’m quit new to Docker so it feels like I might be make a beginner mistake, or is this a limitation of Docker and/or Volumeid?

The complete Dockerfile looks as follows

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore

WORKDIR C:/sysinternals
RUN powershell -Command 
  Invoke-WebRequest -outfile "" -UseBasicParsing; ` 
  Expand-Archive -DestinationPath c:sysinternals ; ` Remove-Item ; ` 
  Invoke-Expression 'c:sysinternalsVolumeid64.exe C: 1AAA-111A -nobanner -accepteula'

CMD vol c:

Super User Asked by Erik Ovegård on November 14, 2021

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Most probably it's a limitation of the windows docker implementation. There is blank-base.vhdx in the root layer of a Windows OS image (See C:ProgramDataDockerwindowsfilter). Docker generates this file each time it pulls a root layer. I was managed to change the Volume ID inside by the next sequence:

  • attach blank.vhdx which is relying on blank-base.vhdx
  • assign a drive letter,
  • change volume id by volumeid64.exe,
  • detach.

And yes, all containers that inherently use the same windows OS root layer will have the same volume id.

Answered by Dmitriy Ivanov on November 14, 2021

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