How to install MSYS so that it recognizes non-MSYS binaries?

I have noticed that my MSYS bash doesn’t "know" about the environment variables defined on my system. This means that if the folder C:MyStuffbin is in my path, and that folder contains mycommand.exe, then running mycommand in the MSYS terminal will return an error indicating that it could not be found.

How do I cleanly "integrate" MSYS with the rest of my system? Is that something to be avoided?

Super User Asked on November 14, 2021

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How do I cleanly "integrate" MSYS with the rest of my system?

I use Cygwin (which is similar to msys in the way it works) and selectively add parts of my Windows PATH to my bash PATH as follows:

I have a file (.path_elements) containing the directories I want in my bash path:


Note: if you add lines to your .path_elements file they must be terminated by : (except for the last line).

I modified my .bash.profile file as follows:

#DCP 20151019 comment out the original code for setting PATH
# Set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
# if [ -d "${HOME}/bin" ] ; then
#   PATH="${HOME}/bin:${PATH}"
# fi

#DCP 20151019
# Build up the path using the directories in ~/.path_elements
unset PATH
while read line; do 
done < ~/.path_elements


#DCP 20151019
# Add current directory to path
export PATH=".:${PATH}"

Now in my bash shell:

$ echo $PATH

You should be able to do something very similar in msys.

Answered by DavidPostill on November 14, 2021

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